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Everglades Symposium

The purpose of the John Marshall Everglades Symposium, is to educate the PUBLIC about the Florida Everglades. Titled: The Florida Everglades: Piecing the Puzzle Together, this symposium will address how each section of the Everglades ecosystem affects the whole. The media has drawn attention to the devastating algae blooms in the estuaries and residents want answers. We will address the decisions that were made in the past and how it affects America’s Everglades today. We will learn about the steps being taken to solve these challenges and who has a stake in the outcomes. Most importantly, we will address what the public can do to help.

Our topics will demonstrate how solving the broader problems of the entire ecosystem is the catalyst for correcting local issues from the Kissimmee River Basin all the way down to Florida Bay. We will discuss how the amount of fresh water being pumped, where it needs to be in the Everglades, is minimal to none. It will not be possible to restore the historic flows due to urban development and population, however, we can help restore the flow and save what remains. We need to fully understand how the Everglades ecosystem works as a whole and how each part fits into the puzzle to affect change.

Michael Grunwald was New York bureau chief and national staff reporter for The Washington Post and senior national correspondent for Time Magazine. His book The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise, was praised as “brilliant” (The Washington Post) and “terrific” (The New York Times). It was hailed by author Carl Hiaasen as “the best thing I’ve ever read about the Everglades.”

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to understand the complex puzzle of the Florida Everglades, from the Kissimmee River Basin to the Florida Keys and how to take action.

We are very grateful to our sponsors and their support of the John Marshall Everglades Symposium and Everglades education. They are:

The Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation

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