"By meeting the many mentors, having hand-on experience as well as doing a project as a team, this internship helped me understand that a complex issue, like Everglades Restoration, can be solved if we understand different perspectives and all try to work together to deal with it."

Cheng-Tung Liu, Intern Alumni 2014


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"This internship immerses you into the world of Everglades restoration; it allows you to apply the knowledge you gained in school to real life environmental issues that have regional implications, and you get to be part of the solution."

Paul is now a fish biologist for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Paul Boynton, Intern Alumni 2014

"I look forward to applying what I learned this summer about the complexity of Everglades restoration in a conservation career in the future."

Tomena is attending Florida Institute of Technology to pursue her Master’s degree in Fisheries & Wildlife. Her Master's thesis will focus on the effects of harmful algal blooms on prey fish and young walleye in western Lake Erie.

Tomena Scholze, Intern Alumni 2013

"The interns walk away as true ambassadors and stewards for the Everglades."

James is an Environmental Engineer Consultant providing technical and engineering support for the Office of Water and the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance at the US EPA.

James K. O’Connell, Intern Alumni 2012

"My experience taught me that Everglades restoration is a community effort: [everyone] must work together to conquer this extraordinary task for the benefit of future generations."

Dylan is now an Ecosystem Restoration Technician for The Nature Conservancy.

Dylan Scott, Intern Alumni 2010

"The Marshall Foundation played a major part in influencing my career path.”

Lauren is currently part of the Land Management Team in Environmental Strategy and Policy at Auckland Council in New Zealand.

Lauren Long, Intern Alumni 2005

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